Survivors - Huichol Art - Marakame


Nahual Armadillo Dimensions: 24 42 cm x x 25.
Chango with snake dimensions: 40 30 cm x x 30.
Technique: Engraved and painted on wood.

Place of production: San Martín Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico.

In 2013, there was a fire in one of the wood drying kilns at the Taller del Mtro. Jacobo Angeles, more than 40 pieces were burned -the closest to the fire-.

Eight of these pieces were rescued, in 2018 they were intervened, and six were sold, the smallest.
Two works were the most beautiful in the strange collection "Survivors", Jacobo and María decided to keep them for their home.
Later they passed into our hands and we took the Nahual to a private collection in NY and the Chango con Serpiente we decided to keep it for our permanent collection.
The monkey with a snake has lost its tail in the event, some fingers were added to a leg as they had also been lost in the fire. We can also appreciate the complete restoration process of the piece of copal wood and understand at a depth that only Alebrije artists know about the process of creating these works of art.
These pieces have a very special aroma of smoked woodto which it has lasted all these years.
These pieces are works carved and decorated by hand, unique and unrepeatable. Which seek to capture the synergy between materials that nature gives us and immerses us in the depth of the past and our own existence.


Our Art Gallery serves as a creative platform that exhibits contemporary Wixárika and Alebrije Oaxaqueño art proposals, as well as promoting Mexican art in general; This space is a prelude to the culmination of avant-garde projects that have been present internationally, the Marakame art gallery is in itself a visual experience that emphasizes those nuances of color that break with its sober walls.

* La Nahuala currently belongs to a private collection. 

* The Chango with snake belongs to the Marakame Art collection.

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